Make Room in Your Garage This Winter with These Organizational Items

Garages tend to accumulate clutter more quickly than any room in the house. After all, a garage is a multipurpose space used primarily for storage—the garage is where overflow from the rest of a home goes when space runs out. It’s easy to turn a blind eye to an over cluttered garage, after all, most people don’t spend much time in theirs. But keeping the garage somewhat tidy by regularly purging superfluous storage is vital to keeping clutter under control. Garages also tend to be the site of incendiary and potentially dangerous materials. Keeping these items safely stored and out of the way is very important, especially in a home with children or pets. Fortunately, there is a variety of tools available to help make the most of any space, even a very limited one. Tall cabinets to maximize vertical space, sturdy shelves to protect and organize household items, overhead hanging systems to keep things accessible and out of the way—find exactly what you need, as well as some new storage solutions, and make more new space in your garage this winter than you ever thought possible.

Free Standing Garage Shelves

Free Standing Garage Shelves offer an essential component of garage organization, but with a versatile twist. Slip this spacious shelf unit into any corner of your garage to create space and minimize clutter. Constructed from heavy duty powder coated steel, this shelf’s innovative design allows it to lean securely against any wall and provide the load-bearing power of a traditional shelf while occupying half the space and bulk. Free Standing Garage Shelves are the easiest installation job you’re likely to encounter—simply unpack, choose where you’d like them to stand, and lean. No tools or assembly necessary. Rubber tips “grip” wall firmly for added security and protection against wall damage. Dimensions of Free Standing Garage Shelves are 35 x 16 x 63″.

Garden and Garage Organizer

This multiuse Garden and Garage Organizer is perfect for storing flowerpots, bags of soils, smaller hand tools, seeds, and much, much more. Gather everything you need for garden and household projects in one easy to access spot. Wire rack is low on bulk and big on storage space, with a four-shelf 43 x 47 x 15″ enameled metal rack that’s open on all sides, for great visibility—unlike a closed maintenance closet or wood-constructed shelf, items won’t get lost in the dark recesses of the space. They’re always at your fingertips, the moment you need them. This storage unit features a handy side-bin for stashing long handled tools in an upright position. Instructions for simple home assembly are included with Organizer.

Wooden Six Slot Storage Cubby

An attractive, durable wooden storage cubby for nifty compartmentalization. Stow tools, gloves, even footwear in each separate compartment, so organization is a snap. Perfect for an outdoor patio or indoor storage. Built to last from sturdy fir wood, and treated with weather resistant oil based stain, this beautiful wooden cubby’s classic look belies its adaptable convertible design. Central cubby is removable for adjustable storage options. Each of the six smaller storage cubbies on either side feature an upturned lip to keep contents from falling out. Each individual cubby unit is itself removable, stackable—you can even purchase additional units and create a custom storage space that makes the most of your unique garage. Instructions for simple home assemble are included with Storage Cubby. Dimensions of full unit are 15″ x 33.5″ x 35″.

Golf Organizer

Don’t let your prized golf gear and accessories turn into just another pile of garage clutter. With a storage unit designed expressly for golf items, a Golf Organizer is everything you need to perform on the links can all be gathered in one convenient spot, and consolidated to save space in any rec room, garage, or office.

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