Need A Guide to Buying Secret Santa Gifts?
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Secret Santa is a time-honored tradition at many offices and for good reason. Using this system lets your whole office participate in holiday gift giving without breaking the bank or offending anyone. Being a good secret Santa takes some practice and finding the perfect gift isn’t always easy. Staying within the allotted budget can sometimes be challenging so it’s important that you start thinking about the gift as soon as you receive the person’s name. Think about the person you’re buying for and consider their personality as well as some of their hobbies and interests. This will make shopping a lot easier.

You’ll want to find out the allotted budget for the gift and try to stay within a few dollars of it. Most times the budget is $15 or $20. For wine lovers, consider an opener and wine set in a fun wine-shaped box. Those who commute to work in their car will enjoy some type of car organizer such as a cell cup that holds a cell phone and fits snugly in the cup holder. Another nice gift for men or women is an aluminum wallet. It holds credit cards while keeping them safe from potential identity theft and is available in a variety of colors.

Many people are into their sports teams so you can’t go wrong with a sports-related item. A sounds of nature unit is a nice way to relax and unwind after a long day at work. Some fun gifts are those that are advertised on TV. Choose from a variety of “as seen on TV” products which are items that someone usually won’t buy for themselves. Try to match the product with the person’s personality and avoid any items that could be in poor taste. Always give the type of gift that you would like to receive and you’ll do well.


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