Organizational Tips for Shoes
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It is amazing just how many different types of shoes we need just to go about our daily lives. Are you going out for a jog this afternoon? Then you had better grab your running shoes. Are you planning on taking a trip to the beach this weekend? Then make sure you have your sandals in your beach bag.

And when it’s time for a dressy affair you had better have a whole lot of different shoes to pick from. You need to make sure you have the perfect shoes that will expertly compliment your outfit. That means picking between flats or heels, bright colors or mute tones, and even the material that your shoes are made out of.

The last thing that you want is to actually have all of the shoes that you need in your place, and yet you have trouble actually locating them. Even worse, sometimes when you poorly store your shoes, when you finally do find them they end up damaged from poor storage.

This guide is to help you on your way to organizing your shoes properly so that they don’t get messed up and you can always have a nice and easy choice from your wide, varied, and fantastic collection of shoes.

Tip #1 Treat them Right

If you really care about your shoes, you really have to baby them. A simple scuff mark or scratch on a great pair of black heels can mean the end of those shoes. Your shoes look their best when you treat them well.

To do this you are going to need the right organizational tools. This often means purchasing special shoe organization tools that are designed specifically to make sure your shoes stay not only organized, but also in fantastic shape.

Tip #2 Keep your Shoes within Eyesight

One of the biggest mistakes that many organizers make when getting their shoes in line, is keeping them out of sight. The easiest thing to do when organizing shoes is of course just to pack them away in boxes and put them far in the back of your closet.

This works fine for getting the house cleaned up, but it is a terrible way to organize your shoes. The main reason for this is that when you don’t see your shoes your probably won’t wear them very often.

Think of how you often go to the refrigerator not knowing what you want. You stare in the fridge for a minute or two until finally you see that plate of leftovers you have been searching for. The same idea holds true with shoes. You need to have them within eyesight so you can pick out the perfect pair to match your ensemble.

Tip #3 Add some Order to your Closet Floor

We all know that probably the best place to store shoes is in the closet. But, as mentioned above, it is important to keep your shoes where you can see them in your closet. That means you might have to do a little bit of preliminary organization in your closet.

Your closet should be a place where your wardrobe resides, not where you store all of your junk. That means that there is no room for the luggage you use maybe once a year, or parts to an old Ikea table you could never figure out how to put together. In other words, if you have items in your closet that aren’t clothes, they don’t belong in there. Get them out in the garage, in the basement, or your attic or crawlspace.

Once you have some extra room you should think about putting down a carpet or a mat on the floor of your closet. Find the thickest and softest little piece of carpet you can find. That is so if your shoes get knocked over they won’t get scuffed up on a hardwood or linoleum floor. The carpet will protect your shoes.

When placing your shoes down on your newly clean closet floor, consider putting your pumps in the front, with your sneakers in the back. That is, of course, if you happen to wear your pumps more often. This technique is best for people who work an office job and need access to their dress shoes in a hurry in the morning.

Tip #4 Build Upwards

Unless you have a really massive closet, you probably aren’t going to have enough room on your floor. Now is when you should consider a hanging storage solution. These hanging racks will actually extend down right from your closet rod. They have handy squares where you can conveniently store your shoes up off the ground. You can also use this to store folded t-shirts and shorts.

There is no reason to let your shoes get damaged just because they weren’t organized properly. Follow these tips to achieve an available and well-organized shoe collection

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