Organize Your Bathroom With These Tips
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In this life there are morning people and there are night owls. Morning people are resting in bed at 9PM, maybe polishing off a chapter of a riveting novel and looking forward to a terrific night of sleep and waking up feeling fresh in the morning.

Night owls do not know what that sentence means. Those of us prone to stay up late will often be up well into the AM hours watching movies or goofing off on the Internet or frantically catching up on work, errands, or chores.

Night owls dread the dawn. They don’t get enough sleep, or if they do it’s with light pouring in the windows while they writhe in bed like a vampire having his coffin broken into.

When you’re a night owl and you wake up in the morning, you know there are very specific things you need to do in order to have a nice day. In a minute you’re going to need a cup of coffee and a healthy breakfast. You’re going to need to listen to a podcast on the way into work and you’re going to need to roll down the windows and get some fresh air in your lungs.

But before you do all of those things you are going to need to get into the bathroom, grab a shower, and clean yourself up. And there is no worse experience for night owls especially than getting in that bathroom when the bathroom is a filthy, disorganized mess.

Of course morning people want to have a clean and tidy bathroom as well. There is no getting around that. But it is clear that night owls are a little bit more sensitive in the morning. They need calm, quiet, and clean surroundings so that they can normalize themselves for the day.

More than anyone else, night owls need to have a nicely organized bathroom. With these tips night owls and morning people alike can have clean and tidy bathrooms with little to no effort at all.

Maximize Storage Space in Your Shower with a Shower Caddy

Waking up and getting in the shower can be an incredibly relaxing and satisfying experience if you have the right tools at your disposal. Some people may scoff at the idea of having a host of fancy face washes and body scrubs and herbal shampoos. But those of us who use these items know they are just one more way to have a joyous experience as you wake up in the morning.

When you feel fresh and clean that can carry you through the first part of your day. But to have all of those shower products available to you in the morning you are going to need to have a shower caddy. This is especially the case when you live with roommates and space is at a premium.

A shower caddy is a great idea. A Corner Shower Caddy is a good idea for people that live in homes with higher ceilings for instance, because some may allow you to adjust the height from the top of your tub to the ceiling, and also have expandable/adjustable shelves. There are also shower caddies that make for an easier installation you can hang or mount over the showerhead, or stick to your shower wall corner with suction.

All in all, a shower caddy can make it more than ideal for keeping all of your different lotions, scrubs, shampoos, conditioners and more ready for you when you need them in the morning.

Make sure you have Fresh Towels Always Available with a Towel Valet

There is nothing more cringe-inducing in the morning than getting out of the shower and having to dry off using the same crusty old towel that you have been using for the past couple of weeks. It is important not only to hang out your towels properly to dry, but also to have fresh ones readily available.

With a towel valet you can always have a few clean bath towels ready to go. Some versions have enough space for two separate bath towels, and also even more room for two more regular-sized hand towels. These valets have weighted bases so that you cannot knock them over as easily.

Save Space By Building New Spaces

The most important way you can reorganize your bathroom is by creating spaces where before you had no extra space. And as in every room, the easiest way to do this is to go upwards. That means shelves in the bedroom, and an over toilet spacesaver in your bathroom.

When you use a spacesaver over your toilet you are making the most out of space that you have never used before. You can use these newfound shelves to hold trinkets and photographs or to store extra toiletries and shower products.

Don’t wake up in the morning miserable the second you walk into your bathroom. Wake up and embrace the day in a well-organized place to start your day.

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