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Now that Thanksgiving is over with, it’s time to anticipate the gift giving and excitement of Christmas and the New Year. Besides spreading what people call “Christmas cheer,” there is also lots of chaos that is spread throughout, between the gift giving ideas you need to come up with, decorating the house and tree, and family planning on who is hosting Christmas Eve and Christmas day each year. There is such thing as “Organized Chaos” though, which is how my family and I get through the holiday without too much worry. Here are some simple things we do to stay organized during the holiday so that we can welcome in the New Year without any worries:

1. Create a shopping list. In the midst of your Thanksgiving plans, remember that Black Friday is the first “holiday” after Thanksgiving – the biggest shopping day of the year. Black Friday has already passed, but for next year, start building your shopping list during the first two weeks in November by asking friends and family members what is on their wish list this year if you plan to get all of your shopping done Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Get this done early on in the month so you can use the remaining weeks before Thanksgiving to focus on that.

2. Organize your gift receipts. After you’ve gone shopping you’ll probably have a ton of receipts ranging from the regular receipts to the gift receipts. Easy ways to organize these are by using envelopes or coupon organizers, and organizing by gift recipient or store. Now when you go to wrap gifts you’ll know right where to look for your gift receipts so you can include them in the wrapping.

3. Have a plan. We make three different lists/plans to ensure we do not miss anything we must do that is important during the holidays: a gift list, a dinner menu if we are hosting, a decorating plan. You can make any type of list or plan you need depending on traditions, etc.

4. Stay organized while decorating the house and tree. Invest in storage units for your Christmas decorations and create labels for what is in each unit. This can save you a lot of time, clutter, and stress when the decorating begins and ends. Here are some ideas: Ornament Storage Box or Chest, Light Storage Box, a Wreath Bag, or a Christmas Tree Bag.

As far as the last thing we do, we welcome in the New Year!

How do you and your family stay organized during the holidays?

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