Organizing a Desk Drawer
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Some days, even though the closet, basement and garage really need it, the desk drawer is just the right size to get organized with the time and energy available.

It’s ok to be a bit obsessive during a desk drawer organizing project. You’re the one using it, and you probably go into it a gazillion times a day. Why shouldn’t it be attractive? And honestly, it feels so good to have a small oasis of organization in your office, even if the rest of the office is not quite so well defined. Here are a few things that help create a desk drawer that not only looks organized, but stays organized.

organizing a desk drawer

Everything has its own defined space to hang out in, with a little extra space for the next new addition.

Simple drawer organizers are a must, but you don’t have to break the bank. You can use things you have around the house, like checkbook boxes, shallow Tupperware-type storage containers from the kitchen, even the plastic clamshells that produce comes in, to create divisions inside the drawer.

This little pink beauty was about $10, and you can see that it does not cover all the space in the drawer. Instead, we have room for larger items, like the hole punch, and we have room for packaged things, like the sticky notes.

Try to group the smaller items, like clips or rubber bands, in their own little compartments, so they don’t get too wild in the drawer.

Keep the number of pens and pencils to a reasonable number that you might actually use. Sure, you might actually own 200 pencils, but they don’t all need to be in your main desk drawer at one time. Consider donating excess pens before they dry out, and store the rest in a supply closet.

Think about what you actually use at your desk, and only keep those items handy. It’s not the best place for cords, plastic parts, paint swatches and the like if you never actually use them.

Keep items that are useful in today’s offices. Just as technology has evolved, so have office supplies. If you have bottles of corrector fluid, but you only use correction tape now, chuck the old stuff. Maybe you don’t need the previous generation of office supplies, but instead you need to make space for travel drives, microfiber cloths, and label maker tape.

Try to keep the larger items, like tape, staplers, hole punches, and checkbooks in a single layer inside the drawer so they are easier to find at a glance. Avoid having to move stuff to get to stuff.

Make sure that the high-use items, like a stapler, are at the front of the drawer. Things that get used less often can be stored near the back, especially if it is hard to get into the rear of the drawer.

If your drawer organizers move around too much for you, stick them to the bottom of your drawer with poster putty or hook and loop tape.

For extra credit, put something beautiful or quirky in the mix. I have some cute little zebra-shaped paper clips perched on the dividers in my drawer. They just make me smile.

Is your drawer organized? Does it make you smile?

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