Organizing a Small Room on a Small Budget
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It’s one thing to deal with the clutter that can collect in small rooms such as a child’s bedroom. Toys are left on the floor wherever your child was playing with them, sure to be lost or broken. Clothing and shoes are kicked under the bed or into a corner as soon as they leave your son’s body. The books that you read to your daughter every night can get lost in the bedding, ending up on the floor where they can easily be ruined. Fortunately, corralling all of those items is as simple as bringing in the correct organizers.

But it’s another thing to get those organizers for your small room when you have a small budget. After all, cabinets can be expensive and so can professional storage units. Can you organize a small room on a small budget? Can you corral all the stuff you and your child need and want to keep around without emptying your bank account? You bet!

Start simple. First, take advantage of the closet space that you probably already have in that small room. For a child’s room, purchase an inexpensive curtain rod and hang it low enough inside the closet for your child to reach. After all if she can reach the rod, she’ll be more inclined to hang up her clothes instead of dropping them on the floor. You can do the same thing in your own too-small bedroom closet. Low-hanging closet rods are perfect for trousers and jeans.

Another way to keep your child’s clothes collection straight is to put a small, inexpensive hamper in his bedroom. Something fun and colorful is best—collapsible hampers that are emblazoned with cute animals or nice geometric patterns will practically beg to be fed with dirty clothing every evening. Choose one that includes a basketball hoop and picking up the clothes becomes a fun game. Purchase your own inexpensive hamper to keep in the closet or a corner of your bedroom to make cleaning up your space a breeze.

If your child just won’t use a rod on which to hang his or her clothes, place some colorful bins on the floor of the closet or on a child-height bench and use those to organize and store those clothes. One bin will hold pants while another will hold T-shirts. Put another smaller bin in place to catch socks. A basket or bin in your closet can serve a similar purpose, providing a spot to toss your clean socks or coil up your belt assortment.

What about that collection of books? You could invest in a bookcase but how likely is your child to make use of it? Wooden bookcases look nice until they get scratched. Instead, pick up an inexpensive plastic crate and place it next to the bed. It makes a perfect place for your child to store her books right near where she likes to read—or where you read to her. The books can lay flat or stand up on their bottoms, making them easy to grab, read and replace. You can find sturdy plastic crates in a variety of colors and sizes at almost any discount store, and they’ll serve the same purpose for your books and magazines, too.

Use those same crates to organize your child’s toys. Line them up along the wall and assign specific contents to each one. Tape or tie one of the toys on the outside of each crate to identify what is supposed to go in each one. For example, you can secure a stuffed animal to the outside of one crate, a block to the outside of another and so on. You’ve not only provided your child with a simple way to organize his or her toys…you’ve also created another game. Encourage your children to have a race to see who can fill their crate with the most toys. That will make clean-up time fun-time.

But there are plenty of inexpensive furniture ideas to help organize a small room, too. Remember those bookcases? Don’t spend a fortune at a high-end furniture store. Head for your local office supply store where you can often find nice book cases in various sizes for very little money. Two-drawer file cabinets make great storage for almost any room in the house. They can serve as bedside tables in your teenager’s bedroom, the drawers holding a host of items that your older child finds indispensable. They also work as end tables in the common area of a dorm room, providing organization for school work as well as a place to stand a table lamp. Use a couple of cans of spray paint to liven up those file cabinets and make them match the rest of your décor. Inexpensive and sturdy, they can be a great solution to anyone’s storage needs.

These are just a few ideas that will help you organize any small room without straining your budget. Bins and crates, shelves and baskets—choose containers that fit the room’s décor. They will allow you to instantly de-clutter your small space…and save a little money.

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