Organizing Your Office: How It Will Improve Employee Morale
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When it comes to keeping your employees happy, you can start by making their workplace organized. No one enjoys working in an atmosphere of turmoil. The employee who has to dig through piles of papers to find the right folder will not be happy – or efficient.

The first rule of office organization is to have a clear workspace. That means you only have on your desk what you are working on that day. Some people think they need to have everything right on the desktop, but the truth is that becomes an unyielding pile very quickly. Find a home for all of your work – in folders, baskets, drawers, etc. Then pull out just want you need for the day.

Experts suggest that you have only one place for notes – those to-do lists, phone calls to make, etc. This is true whether those notes are stored electronically or on paper. Keep all notes in one place and don’t litter your work space with Post-it notes.

When it comes to office supplies, think about which ones you really use. Most people rarely use tape, but they use their stapler quite often. If that’s the case, put the tape dispenser in the drawer and the stapler on your desk. Inside your drawers, use organizers to keep like items together.

Think about if you’re left-handed or right-handed. Put the things you grab for, like the telephone, on the appropriate side.

Finally, at the end of the day, put everything away and start fresh the next day.

If you’re looking for some product specific suggestions, check out these:

Desk-Top Organizers

Silver mesh desk organizers come in various sizes, which helps if you have a small desk. The concept is that you have one place where you can store a variety of things you need to keep at hand. This Silver Mesh Mini Wastecan Kit is a perfect all-in-one office essential with everything you need. It includes a garbage bin, pencil cup, and letter holder.

mesh office set

The Mesh Office Set is another four piece desktop necessity. The Mesh Office set helps you organize your desktop with a paper clip holder, pencil cup holder, file/letter holder, and a 5 section drawer/desk organizer. The best part about these silver mesh desk organizers is you can utilize them any way you’d like to meet your organizing needs.

A Silver Mesh 3 Tier Desk Shelf is another perfect desktop solution to meet your filing needs. This sleek, three tier desk shelf offers ample room between each level for storing loads of folders, papers, mail, etc. that would normally clutter your desk. Its vertical design takes up little space while it measures at just 12.75 x 9.25 x 12.5 inches.

Want something other than silver mesh? Check out the environmentally friendly four-tier adjustable bamboo desk organizer. This four-tier shelf file organizer lets you move each shelf up or down within eight slots to create as much storage space as you need. It measures just 12.75 x 9.25 x 9.5 inches.

Cords, Cables and Wires

Oh my. What can you possibly do to tame the jungle of cords, cables and wires that come with most office settings? 6-way outlet multiplierOne answer is an outlet multiplier. It transforms a single outlet into six, letting you plug six devices into an outlet that would normally support just one. You no longer need power plugs or extension cords that could trip you up. It has two grounded outlets, one on top and one on bottom that can accommodate larger plugs. Just 3¼ inches by 6 inches high, the outlet multiplier comes in a set of two.

File Organizers

Gone are the days of ugly stainless steel file cabinets. With so much information now stored online, many offices don’t need that much storage. Instead, you can customize your file organizers depending on your taste and decor. Store your hanging files or just loose notes in an attractive seagrass file box with a hinged lid. This is perfect for the casual or home office.


Want something more traditional? Try the black stacking file drawer, which comes in a set of two. These heavy-duty, stackable, slide-out file drawers keep you organized in a limited space. It measures just 19½ by 15½ by 13½ inches.

If for some reason your employees balk at all this organization that you are offering them, remind them that people with uncluttered desks are more often considered for promotion than their friends with desks piled to the sky. It may not seem fair, but the uncluttered appearance denotes someone on top of their job.

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