Product Highlight – Over Toilet Pocket Organizer

There is no denying that bathrooms can get quite cluttered – there are just so many things that are used and needed in this tiny little room. If you want
to clean up the clutter and maximize available space, while ensuring that everything is within easy reach, the Over Toilet Pocket Organizer is the perfect choice.

We have all gone to use the bathroom, only to find that we need something that is just out of reach. This pocket organizer makes sure you will always have
everything you need within arm’s reach, including multiple rolls of toilet paper.

This polyester organizer provides ample space to store magazines, newspapers, and extra toilet paper, or you can use the various pockets to hold feminine
hygiene products and other necessities that need to be within easy reach when using the toilet. There is also a small pocket that is perfect for holding
your cell phone, which protects against unfortunate and expensive drops into the water. The pockets are also plenty large enough to accommodate wet wipes
and diapers if you want to keep them available in the bathroom.

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