The ABC’s of Photo Organizing
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When you think of photo organizing, do you see in your mind’s eye an image of boxes of family photos stored somewhere in the back of your closets or down in the basement? Or do you get itchy thinking about all those precious baby photos and what you would ever do if your computer crashed?

The Association of Professional Photo Organizers (APPO) shares a lot of good information and resources for protecting, organizing, and sharing your photos. APPO wonderfully outlines a simple way to think about organizing your photos. They call it the ABC’s of photo organizing.

A is for picture Albums or other safe storage for your printed and digital prints. Today it’s very easy and affordable to make photo books from your digital files.

B is for backup. If your photos are mostly paper in photo albums or boxes, it makes sense to scan them so you have a backup and can share them more easily. If your photos are mostly digital, then the backup is either on the cloud, a secondary device, or printing the best of the bunch.

C is for can, as in trash can. If you organize your photos, you probably can find more than a few that can go, as in duplicates and unflattering pictures. Through the magic of digital processing, some bad quality pictures can be saved and restored, but you’ll only want to do that with the few that really matter.

S is for story. True confessions time. I don’t like the role as my family’s photo historian, but sometimes my pictures are the only ones from an event. Often when I am not carrying a camera, I think, “Boy, I am missing a chance to tell a great story here.” Photos tell our story. That’s pretty much the only reason we take them. I love unlocking those stories and helping people preserve and share them.

Years ago, long before I became a professional organizer or photo organizer, way before I even owned a digital camera, I captured my grandma and her sisters on video interviews. Starting with that amateur video, I hired someone to professionally produce a video combining live interviews, favorite songs, and still photos dating back generations. Anyone in the family, who wanted one, got one. I am so blessed to have been able to create one little acorn in our family tree archives.

The next time you are looking for a really special gift for members of your family, something that will be cherished more than items “made in China” and something that requires less dusting than the average gift, then consider taking some time to go through your family archives and telling a story, whether it from the last generation or the story of your last vacation. Create a photo book. Safeguard memories in a high quality picture album. Organize your story. Telling that story on paper, online, or in well-organized storage is priceless.

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