Plan of Action for Thanksgiving
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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and for those of you who are the lucky ones to cook and clean-up for 20 or more people, a plan is necessary! I always start off with writing a checklist and crossing off the items as I go along. Here is what you should include on your checklist for this year:

1. Compile the guest list…How many people are expected? Always allow for an additional 1-2 people, as plans always change last minute!

2. The MENU….A lot of families have traditional family dishes, but others have the normal turkey, mashed potatoes, and corn. Make sure you thoroughly plan out the menu and also include if your guests are bringing certain dishes so there are not more than one! And don’t forget about PORTIONS!! Account for how people eat (including Uncle Dan, who likes to have 4 servings of mashed potatoes!) You don’t want to run out of anything at Thanksgiving!

3. The seating…How many guests are you having? Do you want to set up a “kiddie table” so all the cousins and younger siblings can play and not bother the adults? Plan ahead for gathering additional tables and chairs if you are serving a large amount of people. If possible, try to keep everyone in the same room so no one feels excluded.

Now that you have all that taken care of, turn your attention to the table. Look forward next week for tips on how to turn that boring table into a work of art.

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