Prepare for Santa’s Bounty, Organize Before He Arrives
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You better watch out…Santa Claus is coming to town. When he does, he’ll be bringing armloads of toys to little people everywhere. Most of these little people already have enough toys to cause troubles at clean-up time each night. Most of these little people and their parents are already overwhelmed by the amount of toys they have. Most of these little people have no idea where they are going to store their new batch of goodies.

Take a few steps now to get ready for the holiday toys coming to your house. Depending on the age of your kids, your strategies might be a little different. Mix and match to find what works for your family.

1. Declare that all puzzles, books and toys that are broken, missing pieces, or chewed have to go. No explanation needed. Most kids at almost any age get that broken toys aren’t quite as much fun as new toys.

2. Give your child a bin or container for each type of toy they love, and let them know they can keep as many as will fit in the container. Storage space might also be in a drawer or bookshelf. The key is that the toys need to fit neatly inside the space, hopefully with a little room for the new toys you know are coming.

3. Some kids really enjoy sending their well-loved toys off to another child. You might need to actually take them to a shop or an event where the toys are redistributed to children in need. This is a good opportunity to talk with your child about the true meaning of the season.

4. A variation on this theme is to have your children put their chosen donations under the tree for “Santa” to take with him to redistribute to other children. It’s a nearly immediate payoff when your kids are “trading” for new toys.

5. Older kids can usually be encouraged to part with things by letting them sell or consign old toys that might still be worth some cash. Let them take the proceeds and spend as they choose. You both win, since they get the money and you get the space.

Taking these steps to organize toys before the holidays will ensure that your New Year is more peaceful.

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