Quick Solutions to Closet Clutter
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Unorganized closets force you to shove your precious hanging clothes onto the rod, leaving them more wrinkled than if you had left them in the dryer for a week. Blouses slip off the hangers and fall to the floor. Shoes get shoved to the rear, never to be seen again, and ties stand no chance of maintaining their shape unless their hung properly. Sometimes it’s the simplest organizing tools that can give your closet the most help.

If you have a small closet, start with the Steel Hanger Cascader. which is sold in packs of two. With it, you can hang six times the amount of clothing in the space normally taken up by one hanger. It is a perfect solution for dorms, apartments, and any small living area. All you have to do is hang clothes and then detach the hook to allow the hanger to drop. Right before your eyes, you have just saved half the space normally taken by traditional hangers.

If you’re tired of your clothes slipping off the hanger, there are some clever solutions available, like the Bend a Hanger. The arms of this padded hanger bend up or down, depending what you’re trying to keep in place. If it’s a dress with spaghetti straps, turn the arms up to keep the straps from slipping off. If it’s a sweater, and you don’t want it to stretch at the shoulders, then turn the arms down. The foam material will help damp clothes dry faster. Hangers also come in a Soft Grip model that keeps clothes from slipping. The soft flocking on these hangers keep clothes in place, so they’re perfect for delicate clothing and strappy dresses. They come in a set of eight.

The Vacuum Seal Hanging Bag triples the hanging space in your closet. Each bag holds up to 10 garments on a hanger. You just hang the clothes in the bag and then use your vacuum cleaner to suck out the air. Vac-U-Seal Bags are large enough to hold sweaters, sweatshirts, fleece shirts, etc. At approximately 35 inches by 48 inches, one bag will hold several articles of clothing, keeping them dust, mildew and odor free. They are reusable, season after season. Once winter arrives, use the same bags and packs to store your summer wear and beach towels.

Finally, if closet space is non-existent, there is an instant closet you can set up in a corner of your room. The Instant Closet and Shoe Storage can be used for guests, out-of-season clothing or wherever you need another closet. Its great to use as temporary or permanent storage and keeps clothes wrinkle free and guards against dust and dirt. Features easy access zippered “door”, 24 shoe compartments and 4 accessory pockets.

Check out some of these clever closet organizers today and make every closet in your home more efficient and functional.

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  1. Laura says:

    Wow. You couldn’t be more right about getting hangers that work! I have not tried the hanger cascader, but I have a few bendable hangers that really help. It’s amazing how much better the shape of your clothes can be with the right hangers along with knowing the best way to store them.

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