Quick Tips for Desktop Organization
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Your desktop can either make it a lot easier to get work done, or a lot harder. It all depends on how organized it is – or isn’t. Your workday will be less stressful and cause you less frustration if you don’t have a cluttered desk.

When you’re selecting an organizer for your desk, determine what your needs are, first. Do you need an organizer more for paper or for pens and pencils? Sticky notes are quite handy to keep close by, as well.

A four-slot wooden organizer for your desktop will help you to become more organized. There is a drawer at the bottom, and slots for receipts, bills or business paperwork. Many other types of organizers are plastic, but they are made to be durable and sturdy, so that you can get years of use from them.

Metal and wood organizers look a lot better, if that’s a concern to you. They give your desk a classier look, states Wise Geek. Wood models are aesthetically pleasing and durable, at the same time. If you can find one, an organizer that is roughly the same color as the wood your desk is made from will look very nice.

Use your corner space wisely with a corner desk shelf organizer. It has three tiers to hold anything you care to place there. These organizers can be used on the right or left side of your desk, whichever corner you like.

Wooden organizers will usually cost more than plastic, especially depending on the type of wood that is used. Attractive woods are usually more expensive than those that are functional but not as beautiful.

Wire organizers look good in modern offices, but they can work with more traditional desks, as well. They are less expensive than wood and are usually more appealing than the plastic units. These wire organizers can hold a lot of things together, as long as you don’t put too much weight on the wires.



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