“Re-gift” Without Fear
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The definition for the word “re-gift” is the act of taking a gift that has been received and giving it to somebody else, sometimes in the guise of a new gift. I am definitely guilty of this and I’m sure most of you are as well. But it comes down to one question: Is re-gifting thrifty or just plain tacky? And how do I go about re-gifting in the most sincere way possible?

Well here are some rules for re-gifting:

- Re-gifts can be funny. Don’t think that just because you are re-gifting that you have to be embarrassed. People sometimes are aware and think its comical. No worries.

-Don’t give something you’ve owned for a while. Not only is this in violation of the hand-me-down rule below but the gift receiver can and will recognize that picture frame from your living room shelf.

-Don’t give products that are ancient, and by ancient I mean the company the product came from is no longer in existence. It can be just a little depressing to think it had been in someone’s closet for that long.

-Don’t mention it, please. Post thinks “the best approach is to be upfront” when re-gifting, but I have to ask: Why spoil the moment? If you tell your sister-in-law, in so many words, “I have no use for this nasty vase, so I’m giving it to you,” even a person in need of a vase will hate you.

-Do update the wrapping. The next most common re-gifting faux pas, after leaving the previous gift card attached, is to re-gift in the original, now crinkled and possibly torn (hello!?) wrapping paper or box.

-Don’t give hand-me-downs as re-gifts. A hand-me-down is an item you’ve already used that you’d like to pass along to someone who will enjoy it and use it more than you will. For example, a sweater you’ve removed the tags from and worn twice. You could wrap it up and give it as a “gift” only if another real gift is provided. A re-gift should be just that: a gift you’ve never used that you’re giving away as though it were a…real gift!

I hope this helps if you are considering re-gifting this holiday season and to think twice and read these tips before doing so!

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