Real vs. Fake: The Debate Continues
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Christmas is right around the corner!!! Have you put up your Christmas Tree yet?

I know that my parents are advocates of fake trees and will never ever buy a real tree again. They love how easy it is to assemble and there is no mess, but I personally hate it! I love being able to walk up to a real tree and smell the pine, and the mess isn’t bad at all! Just a few pine needles here and there, nothing a vacuum won’t fix.

After researching, I found that fake trees are really the way to go…Here are a few key reasons why.

1. They are environmentally friendly. You alone can save up to 80 trees being chopped down in a lifetime! That’s a lot of trees!
2. It is easy on your wallet. An artificial tree price ranges from $100-$400, but it will last a lifetime and is a one time purchase. Real trees range from $70-$150 every year! That’s $12,000 in a lifetime!
3. Convenience. Artificial trees can come with pre-lit lights so it just has to be assembled! This makes it so much easier for the older crowd who love the holidays and Christmas Trees but they just don’t have enough energy to decorate a tree.

Here are a few examples of Artificial Trees that I personally love:

This is a 4.5′ x 36″ Pre-Lit Tree that is the perfect height for those smaller rooms. While being an easy tree with lights already on it, the tree provides that nice “shape” that signifies the “perfect tree.”

This is a larger tree standing at 7ft tall the Slim Branson Tree that has 800 tips and 250 warm white F5 LED lights. If you have taller ceilings or even cathedral ceilings where you display your tree, this would be the perfect solution.

Whether it’s an artificial tree or a real tree, all that matters is that the tree makes you happy and is festive enough for you during the holiday season.

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