Setting Fun New Independence Day Traditions
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The 4th of July has traditionally been the day most of us think of cookouts, fireworks, and barbecues. While these traditions are welcome and
deserve homage, there are other ways to put a new twist to a revered holiday.

· Add some culture. Various cultures celebrate their practices around the same time as the 4th of July. Consider taking the family out to one of
these festivals and learning about the different cultures who share our country. Nothing speaks of independence louder than the chance to celebrate
different ethnicities that work and live together in the same spaces. Many locations that have a fireworks show encourage families to come out with blankets and lay out during the evening before the display begins. Bring a picnic basket and make some new friends!

· Sprinkle in education. While we understand the overall idea behind the 4th of July, we may take for granted the independence the day granted.
Add something into the schedule of your family get-togethers where everyone takes a brief moment to talk about what freedom means to them. This is the
perfect way to allow younger generations to learn from older generations who may remember when certain freedoms were not guaranteed.

· Add humanitarian acts. Many people who live in this free country of ours don’t enjoy much freedom because they’re worried about where they will live or
how they will feed their family. Consider taking your family to volunteer at a food center or shelter, to help with serving Independence Day lunch to those
who are less fortunate. This is a great time to be thankful for the freedom of abundance for your family and to give hope to others while letting them know
that there is still help available for them to enjoy freedom as well.

Of course, the holiday isn’t complete without the requisite fireworks, whether you fire them up at home or go out to watch displays. But adding in the new
with the old makes sure the traditions stay fresh and last for generations to come.


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