Summer Outdoor Storage Made Easy

Summer Garage and Outdoor Storage Tips

No two garages are the same but one commonality among most is that owners have a difficult time in keeping the space clean and well-organized. Whether your garage is used to store a car or two or is used as a workshop or storage space, there are plenty of options in making the most of the space you are working with.

Before even beginning to create order in your garage, it would be beneficial to completely empty all of your belongings out of the space and Garage Organization - Get Organizedsort through it. Consider creating three separate piles outside of your garage: “No Good,” “Good but Do Not Need,” and “To Keep.” This will allow you to really see what you have and to decide what stays and what goes. The “No Good” pile goes in the garbage and the “Good but Do Not Need” pile can be sold at a yard sale or donated. Keep in mind that if you have not used it in several years, you probably do not need to keep it.

The key to garage organization is to maximize the space you have by utilizing your wall and ceiling space to its fullest potential. Here are some useful items to consider:

Shelving and Cabinets

By far, a good shelving system is one of the best organization investments you can make. This is simply because shelving can help you make the most of your vertical space. More than likely, a parked vehicle is taking up the majority of the floor area in your garage so you have no choice but to use up your vertical space when storage room is tight. Free-standing shelves can be conveniently moved around the garage to any position you desire. Consider trying Free Standing Garage Shelves or a Five Shelf Storage Unit . Fixed shelves will work great as well and house your various items too. Corner Shelves would be a great option to consider to fill up that hard to use corner space.

Storage Cubes

If you desire storage to protect your stored items, consider storage cubes. Not only are they portable and stackable, but they keep things out of sight and in good condition. The Accessible Clear Stacking Bins save space and allow you to never forget where you put your things.

Tools and Garden Equipment

Garden and maintenance tools can take up a lot of room and are typically awkward and sometimes bothersome to store. The simple solution is to use a wall-mounted storage that has a place for each tool, keeping them all in order and in plain sight for whenever use is needed. Also, this storage solution decreases the likelihood of your tools rusting or rotting. A couple options to think about would be the 5 Tool Organizer , the Workbench Kit , or the Tool Hooks and Bracket .

Another must-have garden organizer is a hose organizer. This is a great idea because it keeps the entire length of the hose neatly coiled to prevent bends and breaks or punctures. Why not even make it a Decorative Hose Organizer to add a bit of style to your space

Sports Equipment

From bats and balls to skis and golf clubs, sports equipment can take up a good amount of space. Typically, you will have to find several Garage Sports Organizationstorage items for all of your equipment depending on its size and shape. These storage solutions can include bins, buckets, wall mountings, and racks. Even nets can hold an abundance of equipment safely and securely. Storage Cubes, Polyethylene Tarp Mighty Totes, and the Golf Organizer are great options for storing all of your sports equipment.

Furniture Storage

As the weather changes from warm to cool, all of that outdoor furniture needs to be stored properly as well. Utilizing Outdoor Furniture Covers can protect all of your relaxation items during the cooler months. Also, consider storing extra outdoor pillows and equipment in a Deck Box . Not only can they be used as storage but they act as a great bench too.

It is only inevitable that our “stuff” accumulates over time. However, with the right tools and tricks, you can keep your garage organized and your personals protected all year long.

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