Surprising Things a Professional Organizer Does at Home

Because I’m a Certified Professional Organizer® I get asked all the time whether my house is perfectly organized. To be honest, it’s pretty organized, but not freakishly so. I got to wondering if there were certain things that we do in our household that differ from the norm. Here’s are some things we do, that you might not have guessed.

white towels

I only buy white bathroom towels. There are a few little luxuries that I afford myself, and clean fluffy towels are one of them. But have you ever noticed that towels wear unevenly? The washcloths seem to go first. Over time, it’s easy to end up with mismatched towels, hand towels, and washcloths. When I started buying only white towels, I noticed a few things. My bathroom seemed brighter. It was easier to tell when the towels were dirty. I could always find white towels in the stores. Now when it’s time to replace the towels, I save money by just replacing the ones that need it, and the color scheme isn’t a problem. I also save money because the white towels go in my weekly white load, so I’m usually not doing a separate load of laundry of towels, hoping that the colors don’t run into the rest of the laundry.

I never buy soda. Where I come from, it’s called pop, but it’s still a pain. It’s heavy to cart home from the market. It takes up space in the pantry. It takes up space in the recycling bin. We know that each can of soda has over 7 teaspoons of sugar, so it’s a terrible thing to be putting in your mouth regularly. All in all, I save a lot of time, energy, and space, by not buying sodas. Just in case you’re wondering, fruit juices are few in our house, too, for the same reasons. We economize in all sorts of ways by filling a water bottle for each member of the family each day.

I park my car in the garage. You might have guessed this, but it’s by no means a given. We don’t have a shed, and our garage is nearly 100 years old, so it’s on the small side. But it makes sense to us to protect our expensive investment in our cars and keep them out of the elements. Plus, I like being able to get in and out of the car without standing in the rain or brushing off snow. I really hate brushing off snow. So we clean out the garage at least twice a year, don’t keep anything that we aren’t using, and teach the kids to put their bikes and strollers back where they just barely fit between the cars. Last year we had custom shelving built in the front of the garage so our cars could park directly underneath the shelves, maximizing the space by going vertical.

Maybe these three things that we do aren’t for you, but maybe they’ve given you an idea on how to live in a more organized space.

Get Organized wishes to thank Darla DeMorrow for contributing this post. Darla DeMorrow is an award winning Certified Professional Organizer®, Color With No Regrets consultant, decorator, author, speaker, and owner of HeartWork Organizing. She helps her clients to reclaim control and add beauty in their lives, their homes, and their workplaces. Request your free 31 Simple Tips for Organizing Space, Time and Paper & Information at Her book for new moms, ”The Pregnant Entrepreneur”, is available in hardcopy and e-book.

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