The Key to Making Your Organizing Efforts Stick for the New Year
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About 60% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, but only about 8% of those people keep their resolutions. Three of the top resolutions each year are to lose weight, get organized, and get financially fit. Researchers have a lot to say about how to improve the chances that you’ll keep your resolutions. In my work as a Certified Professional Organizer®, I can say for sure that there are a few key factors to getting – and staying – organized successfully.

1. Write down goals. Something happens in the transition from your brain, down through your hand, and onto a paper or pixels. You are at least twice as likely to attain your goals if they are written down. Don’t believe me? Try it. Just make sure that your goals are SMART goals.

2. Shout it from the mountain tops. Well, maybe don’t go that far, but definitely find a buddy and tell them your goal. Telling one confidant can be encouraging. Telling a group of people, like peers in a class, can be exhilarating. Having someone who is willing to keep you accountable to your goal, in a loving, encouraging way, is the best motivator of all. No one wants to admit that they didn’t finish something they started. So go ahead and tackle that guest room organizing project, but tell your best friend what you are up to before you start.

3. Reward yourself for a job well done. When it comes to organizing, the best rewards are consumables (fresh flowers), experiences (a massage), or a swanky new organizing or productivity tool (a purse with better storage). Just don’t reward yourself with a shopping spree at the mall, bringing home more clutter.
May this year be your best year ever, whether or not it is perfectly organized.

Get Organized wishes to thank Darla DeMorrow for contributing this post. Darla DeMorrow is an award winning Certified Professional Organizer®, Color With No Regrets consultant, decorator, author, speaker, and owner of HeartWork Organizing. She helps her clients to reclaim control and add beauty in their lives, their homes, and their workplaces. Request your free 31 Simple Tips for Organizing Space, Time and Paper & Information at Her book for new moms, ”The Pregnant Entrepreneur”, is available in hardcopy and e-book.

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