Three More Organizing Projects to Jump Start Your New Year

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I recently shared three organizing projects that are just perfect for starting you off on the right foot this year with your organizing goals. All three of these projects can be accomplished in under a half hour, and can give you that “fresh and organized” feeling without sucking up your whole day. But there are plenty more projects that you could tackle in just a few minutes. The real trick is to pick something that is manageable (organizing a single drawer) and not something that will leave you dragging (organizing the kitchen cabinets, fridge, and pantry all at once).

Here are three more projects that you can take on in about a half hour. Get through one, two or three of them, and start bragging about your success at keeping your New Year’s resolution.

1. Just the junk drawer. This is the kind of project where the easiest approach is to just dump the whole drawer and start from scratch. Be sure that you have some dividers or small boxes in the drawer to help you separate small items. Trash anything you haven’t touched or used in over a year. Toss non-working pens. Don’t spend a lot of time on it, and don’t get sidetracked into other areas. Get in, get done, and go get your reward.

2. Mittens, scarves and hats. We’re just barely into the winter season, but if you didn’t spend time on it earlier this year, you may be wondering where your cold weather gear has gone. Assign a bin or cubby for each family member, and make sure that their go-to goodies are within reach. If you have more gear than typically gets worn, place the extras in storage on the top shelf, to be used if items get lost or damaged.

3. Taxes. Whoa! I hear you thinking, it’s going to take longer than 30 minutes to get ready for tax season. But if you follow my advice, that won’t be the case at all. Pull out a file folder or appropriate sized bin and label it “Taxes-2012,” then place it where you and your spouse will be able to easily access it. As forms, receipts, and filings start to come in through the next 8 weeks or so, just stash tax-related items in your handy file or bin. You don’t even need to open the mail or look at it now, but you do need to place them all together so they’ll be easy to find when you need them in March or April. Bonus points if you pull out your tax filing from 2011 and place it in the 2012 bin now. Last year’s tax return is often a handy guide for this year’s forms.

Did you complete one or more of these mini-projects for getting organized in the New Year? Let us know in a comment so we can cheer you on!

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