Time Is Money and You Save Money With Coupons: Coupon Sorting Strategies

COUPONS. We all use them and we all receive them practically every day from many different outlets. They are notoriously found in the newspaper, magazines, catalogs, on websites, and in your email and postal mail. But sometimes between all of those coupons you receive via email and from newspapers, etc. you lose track and become overwhelmed with when each one expires, and where you can redeem it. Some are redeemable anywhere, yet some can only be used at a certain store. When this happens that means it’s time to create a coupon sorting system to save time from rummaging through your coupons when it is time to shop. It is also the time to decide what you want to use to store your coupon collection in.

First decide on a method you want to use to sort your coupons. Do you want to sort them by expiration date, aisle #, store, or product? Second, chose a storage method to use that makes the most sense for the way you have chosen to sort your coupons:

1. Use a Coupon Organizer, Coupon Saver, or Coupon Holder. All are similar size and serve the same purpose. These are ideal for one stop shopping trips, most commonly to the food store.

2. Use a Coupon Binder to clearly display coupons in their own slot. With a binder you can also keep your scissors, pens, and other notes inside the binder as well. This can be very time consuming, but is ideal for extreme couponers who save tons of coupons for one big shopping trip. Visit our Pinterest page (@shopgo) to learn how to create a coupon binder.

3. Plain White Envelopes are a good idea because they are cheap and easy to label. Be sure to have a safe storage space for the envelopes, like in a desktop organizer. Using envelopes is ideal for one stop shopping trips or for storing coupons to stores you may not go to as much, like clothing stores. The only issue is envelopes are not a very substantial piece of protection for your coupons and can tear easily.

4. For the extreme couponers, use File Boxes. This is ideal as you will have a much larger storage space to work with and you can use folders to sort your coupons, which is ideal if you have tons for multiple stores.

Plan on making your next shopping trip a much more relaxed one with your new method of coupon organization. Once you have a sorting method in place, make it a routine. Good luck extreme couponers!

What are some ways you like to keep your coupons organized? What methods have you found work best for one stop shopping trips versus carrying them on the regular?

Photo Credit: momsbyheart.net

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