Use These Organizers to Sort Your Jewelry This Winter
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Ever reach into your jewelry box to find a jumbled mess of tangled necklaces and bracelets, intertwined with rings and the errant earring? It is not a fun sight to behold, especially in the morning when you are trying to accessorize and still make it to work on time. Thankfully, there are a ton of jewelry organizers available that will help make your morning routine a bit easier by keeping your collection, neat, sorted and tangle free. You can choose from organizers you stash on your dresser, or those that hang on your wall, in your closet or even over a door. The choices are endless and the best part is, no matter what type you choose, you will no longer be faced with the one-earring dilemma unless the pirate look is what you want to achieve.

For women who favor traditional style jewelry boxes to organize their baubles, one gorgeous one you will be proud to display on your dresser is the Upright Jewelry Valet. upright jewelry valetWith its rich java-toned appearance, this model contains nine storage areas and a mirrored top compartment that locks with a classic tasseled key. This top compartment features divided storage for earring and bracelets. Below it are six drawers lined in ivory sueded fabric. Five of the drawers have spaces divided similarly to the top compartment, while the bottom drawer has cushioned ring rolls. For necklace storage there are also swinging doors on each side with three hooks per side. The Upright Jewelry Valet is made of wood composite and measures 11 x 7 x 14 3/4″. The hardware on this unit is brushed pewter tone.

Those who favor a classic style like that of the Upright Jewelry Valet but have a collection that is far too extensive for a tabletop organizer will love the Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire. wall mount jewelry armoireForget dresser-top clutter, with this unique model you get ample jewelry storage and a gorgeous decorative piece with a floral appliqué mirror to hang on your wall for everyone to admire. With its antique style, this unit opens up to reveal two sides of storage for every piece of jewelry imaginable. On the door you have a top section with rows of cushioned ring rolls and bars for earring storage. Underneath that there are two rows of hooks for bracelets and shorter necklaces. Then, in the main compartment there are another three rows of hooks for even more necklaces and bracelets. Lined in black felt the Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire has a key lock and looks great in any room.

For a more inconspicuous space saving jewelry storage solution there are many organizers that covertly hang from your closet rod or door to keep baubles sorted, safe and out of view. One such item is the Hanging Jewelry Organizer. hanging jewelry organizerPerfect for women who can’t spare dresser or wall space, this organizer just hangs incognito over your closet rod. The Hanging Jewelry Organizer is also simple in design, featuring forty transparent pockets on each side for you to stash your precious jewels and gems safely out of sight but ever-so-neatly organized and easy to view. The Hanging Jewelry Organizer measures 35 x 18″ and is made of tough, durable vinyl.

Another space saving option that is also perfect for large jewelry collections is the Over Door Mirror Armoire. over door mirror armoireFeaturing a mirrored exterior so you can check your look before you leave, this model can be hung from any door you choose, including inside a closet door for more inconspicuous storage. Truly the mack daddy of organizers, the Over Door Mirror Armoire opens to reveal two sides of storage for all types of jewelry. On the interior of the door you will find five rows of earring storage plus two rows of hooks for bracelets and short necklaces. Then, in the main compartment you have seven cushioned rows for rings, a small mirror, another rows of necklace hooks and four shelves for earrings, bracelets, pendants or whatever you choose. The Over Door Mirror Armoire is made of wood and measures 48 x 14 x 4″.

Whether you prefer a table top jewelry storage option, or a space saving model that hangs from a door or closet rod, there are a ton of fantastic options available to fit every lifestyle and décor. So say goodbye to the days of spending hours detangling a mass of necklaces or hunting for an earring’s significant other. With today’s top notch jewelry organizers you’ll keep your valuables safe, sound and ready to be worn.

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