Using Labels to Teach and Organize Kids Rooms
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Labels are the one of the easiest and cleanest ways to stay organized. Labels can have other uses though; uses that take the organization aspect of their use to another level that is also helpful. Take a minute to think about how you can use labels for something other than just getting organized…..Here, I’ll give you an idea: Have you ever thought of using labels to teach? Why not get creative and use labels in kid’s bedrooms and play areas to help them learn to read and identify objects and colors while being organized at the same time. This is a great and innovative way to use labels to educate kids who are ready to learn to identify objects, colors, and read, while also learning the value of being organized. Here are some ideas of ways to use labels to teach for different areas kid’s rooms and play areas:

1. Pictures. Use pictures to label things such as shoes, books, toys, shirts, pants, and socks. Place the labels on drawers, bookshelves, in the closet etc. based on what you want to use the pictures to label. If you check out your local arts and crafts store you will most likely be able to find stickers in shapes of shirts, pants, etc.

2. Colors. Use labels to identify what color something is. This does not necessarily have to be an organizational type of label, although it can be if you plan to organize something by color, like crayons or markers, or clothes. For instance, put the word “yellow” on an object in their room that’s yellow.

3. Words. You can label almost everything in a kid’s bedroom and play area with a word. This is good for learning colors like mentioned above when discussing colors. Label anything from a “bedpost” to a “clock” to their “toy box.”

4. Numbers. Use numbers to get the kid’s counting. A good idea is to number each drawer. Make the drawer at the top of a dresser 1, and countdown from there, or vice versa.

The best part about creating these labels is that it can be very cost effective. Make it an arts and crafts project. Sit down with the kids and have them create the labels by drawing the picture, writing the word or number, creating label with a picture and word, or labeling with the correct color. Or hop onto a computer and create labels with a MS Office application, Paint, or Photoshop.

What are some ways you would organize your kids/grandkids bedroom and play area with labels? What other rooms would you consider and recommend using labels to teach kids?

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