Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Boyfriend
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Every year guys agonize over what to get their girlfriends for Valentine’s Day. Little do they know it’s no treat picking out Valentine’s Day gifts for them, either. Keep reading for a simple guide to where to start based on how long you’ve been together.

For couples that have been together less than 3 months, it’s suggested that you keep things casual. Now is not the time to go over the top and spend a lot of money, no matter how good your intentions are. Consider buying him that book or DVD he wants, plus a nice bottle of whiskey or other spirit he prefers. A new place to store these drinks of choice would also be a nice gesture. Video games are always an easy option, as well.

When you’ve been dating for between 3 to 6 months, things are now official. You should also have a better idea of the kinds of things he likes. Take advantage of the opportunity to be creative. Find a present that shows you’ve been paying attention. If he’s mentioned a hobby he’s curious about pursuing, find something that will help get him started. If he’s mentioned a secret passion, you have all kinds of options.

Between 7 months to a year means you can consider Valentine’s Day gifts that will be a bit more special. Consider something like concert tickets that you can enjoy together. Some type of getaway for just the two of you is a great gift, as well. Just remember, it needs be something he’ll like, too.

After a year of dating, things can become tricky. On the one hand, you can choose Valentine’s Day gifts that simply cost more to show how much you care. But don’t let guys fool you, there’s plenty of room for the sentimental, as well. If you’ve been dating for a year, take a risk and try giving him something from your heart.

Follow the above advice, and you’ll get him a gift he’ll love. But remember that the most important part of Valentine’s Day is enjoying your time together.


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