What Are Some Cleaning Tips for the Bathroom?

No one wants to clean the bathroom every day, but if you keep up on some smaller things, like wiping down the sink, faucet and counters, then a weekly deep cleaning will be much easier.

Not many people think about dusting or vacuuming in the bathroom, but it will help in getting stray hairs on the tile and floor, as the first part of your weekly cleaning. Work from the top to the bottom, clearing dust on shelves ad light fixtures, and then vacuum crevices and floors.

Antibacterial sprays are quite helpful in keeping a bathroom healthier. Spray it on your floor, toilet, sink, counters and tile walls. Then start at the top and spray down the shower walls and tub, and don’t forget the inside of the toilet bowl. Use a cloth or sponge to spread that cleanser around in an even way on tiled surfaces. Some services may need to be scrubbed harder if dirt and grime does not easily come off.

Disinfectants should be left for a few minutes of contact time before they are scrubbed off. Then use a nonscratch scrub brush or pad to scrub all parts of the tiles and tub. Be sure to hit those bathtub rings.

The most important cleaning step is rinsing, says HGTV. The cleansers are made with chemicals that attract particles and soil, so if they are not rinsed properly, then some of the dirt and grime will stick to the tiles and tub and make more trouble.

Don’t forget to dry the surfaces. Use dry, clean rags or cotton cloths to dry surfaces well. If you want to re-use the same cloths each week, you can color-code them, so you’re not using a toilet drying cloth next week to dry the sink.

Spray your mirror and any other glass surfaces with glass cleansers and then wipe them until they are thoroughly dry. Rinse the floor, and wipe and dry it from the far wall to the door, before making your exit.



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