What Are Some Gift Ideas for Administrative Professionals?

The best of busiest executives circle one day on their calendar each year, and that is Administrative Professionals Day. This day gives bosses a chance to recognize their faithful staffers who help them all year long. What are some suitable gifts for the day?

Happy Hour

As a boss, you probably don’t normally drink with your employees. However, this day can be an exception. If your staff has been working especially hard, check your local bars for Administrative Professionals Day Happy Hour schedules. You may even get a bar to kick in free appetizers if you bring in a group for Happy Hour.

Plants and Flowers

Florists have been quick to realize the potential of this special day. Floral sites will offer original plants and flowers like bonsai tree and live orchids. Plants that are easy to grow will have a home on a staffer’s desk for a long time. Artificial plants can be easily ordered from online catalogs, if your assistant does not have a green thumb.


Gift sites and stores have compiled lists of great gift ideas, and specials can be shipped overnight, if you happen to be late in ordering.

This gift idea can motivate the entire staff, as opposed to those who are strictly administrative professionals. Money Talks says that bringing in plenty of coffee, orange juice, bagels and flavored cream cheese will feed the office and increase morale.

Breakfast is an excellent way to start the morning off right, and it’s a bit easier to assemble than a company lunch. Not everyone would agree on what restaurants to hit for lunch, but most everyone is fine with grabbing bagels and OJ or coffee to start their morning.

There are other ideas that can improve morale and show appreciation without costing a cent. You can nominate employees for special awards, or come up with inventive ways to show your employees that you appreciate their hard work. If you would rather have something physical to help them remember the day, online gift sites offer you plenty of selection.


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