What Are Some Quick Tips to Organize a Closet?

You may be surprised at how much extra room you have for storage if you organize your closets properly. You can plan your closet makeover by determining the amount of room in each closet, and deciding on your storage needs.

Shelf It

You may be tempted to put in as many shelves as you can, but that will not always give you the most room. Shelves are valuable, but they are only practical up to certain heights, and they do take up space themselves. It is helpful if you select shelves to fit the items for which you need storage space.

Folding Clothes

Some clothes, like t-shirts, are best stored after they are folded, rather than hung. For your folded clothes, shelves will need to be about a foot deep, and the width of your typical clothing stack. Don’t waste a lot of space behind or in front of your clothes.

Ventilated shelves are helpful in promoting airflow around your folded clothes. This will cut down on the chances for mildew or mold. Better Homes & Gardens reminds you not to stack items higher than 12 inches or so, and leave 6 inches between stacks and shelves, so that you can reach in easily.

Group similar clothes with others of the same type when you are arranging your shelves. Items of the same size will stack more easily and neatly. The clothes you wear most often should be kept roughly at eye level. You can also add drawers to your closet, for smaller items. Baskets can be used if you don’t want to make drawers. Baskets should be set just below your eye level, so that you can see inside them easily.

Maximize Small Spaces

Evaluate all the space inside your closets, to maximize even limited spaces. Use over the door hanging storage for belts and shoes, and use baskets and bins for items you grab quickly like underclothes and socks.



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