What Are Some Tips for Organizing Holiday Décor
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There’s nothing worse than opening random boxes of holiday decorations and finding a tangled mess of cords, lights, and ornaments. The key to an easy holiday season is to start with organized decorations. You’ll save time and money by keeping your lights, ornaments and other décor stored properly. The right storage containers are essential to good results. Lights are certainly one item that often gets messy during storage. To keep the cords from becoming tangled, use a Christmas light storage box. The box comes complete with spools that allow you to roll up strings of lights so they are simple to use next year.

If you’re like most families you probably have lots of ornaments. Dropping them into large containers can scratch or break them and they can get snarled up. Protect your ornaments by using a Christmas ornament storage box. The best boxes are those that are clear so you can easily see the ornaments, which helps when you’re going to start decorating. Plastic dividers allow you to make cubbies that are the perfect size for each of your items. You can use some tissue paper or soft cotton to gently wrap some of the more delicate ornaments.

Wreaths can collect a lot of dirt and debris so it’s best to gently vacuum them before putting them away for storage. Use a specially designed Christmas wreath box to ensure that the wreath keeps its shape and holds up while being stored. Pack your tree away using an artificial tree storage bag. These come in various sizes and options but be sure to pick one with a zipper and a handy storage handle so one person can handle it. The bag will keep out dust and pests so your tree will be in perfect condition when you are ready for the next season.



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