What Are The 3 Steps to Organizing the Best Barbecue Ever?

Once the weather turns warm, the barbecue grills come out of storage and we want to fire them up and invite everyone over to celebrate with us. Cookouts are a favorite American pastime, and everyone loves to eat together and bond over warm weather meals. Here are three steps to organizing the best barbecue

1. Keep it simple. Resist the urge to use eight different marinades for your meats and serve ten different side dishes. The simpler your menu, the simpler the event will be to pull off. If the preparations take too long or take too much effort, you introduce too many opportunities for something to go wrong. This doesn’t mean you can’t get a little fancy. It just means you should probably consider whether or not you really need to serve the guests on your fine China in four course meal style.

2. Divide up responsibilities. People love to help out and bring stuff, especially when you’ve honored them by inviting them to your home to share a meal. Ask trusted, close guests to bring items so they can contribute and you can have less to worry about. If you want to supply all the meat, ask each family to bring their favorite side dish. Perhaps you want to farm out the desserts to those who particularly love the sweets. Younger guests, such as college aged young adults, would be more than happy to pay the price of a pack of soda in exchange for a hearty meal.

3. Plan ahead. As much as possible, make plans ahead of time. Marinate your meat overnight so the flavor can soak through while you sleep. Lay out your utensils and table coverings for easy placement.

Above all else, make sure you have fun. Your guests are sure to enjoy your event if you’re enjoying it, too.




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