Wrap Those Gifts With Your Own Creativity
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With just a little less than two weeks until Christmas, now is the time when the panic might set in for those of us who haven’t even started to Christmas shop yet. For many of us who got a head start on shopping this year, it’s time to begin wrapping all of those gifts you’ve bought for family and friends. If you typically just wrap gifts in traditional holiday wrapping paper or toss it into a gift bag with tissue paper, why not try something new this year. What I like to do is personalize each gift I give by adding my own creative touch to the way I choose to wrap them. Here are some of my favorite ideas I’ve used in the past and plan to use this year when I start to wrap all of those gifts:

1. Use Photos. This is one of my favorites and works for wrapping gift cards and smaller gifts. It also barely costs any money, and is a great way to recycle the brown paper bags you collect from the food store. Measure and cut brown bags to appropriate size for each gift and wrap using the inside of the brown paper bag (the blank side). Instead of writing the gift recipients name, glue or tape a picture of them to it. This is fun because it’s up to you which photo you chose!

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2. Give a 6 pack cardboard beer caddy a new purpose. You can re-purpose 6 pack cardboard beer caddies for a lot of things. One great idea I had was to reuse it when wrapping gifts. All you need to do is decorate it with colored paper or fabric for example. Once decorated, this is perfect for holding and giving gifts of candles, bath gels, make-up, or garden supplies. You could also make it an arts and crafts kit filled with scissors, markers, colored pencils, etc.

3. Clear Jars. This may seem odd, but if you have a lot of empty clear jars it’s time to get crafty with them. If you’re giving away gift cards this year, this is a quick and easy way to wrap them. First, decide if you want to add your own creative touch to the jar (maybe add their photo to the front of it, like idea #1) or if you want to just toss the gift card into it. If you just want to toss it in the jar, it’s a good idea to add in tissue paper, candy, or some sort of filler so that it’s a surprise.

4. Newspaper. Feeling eco-friendly? Use old newspaper for wrapping gifts. The best sections to use are the comics! Just remember, the ink from newspapers tends to run. Make sure you’re using it to wrap a box or an item that won’t be damaged by ink if it runs.

5. Gift Bags. Gift bags are always an easy way. Get creative with them – purchase plain solid colored gift bags and add a design to them yourself.

And of course, ribbon is always a great way to add a nice touch to any gift. So be sure to top the gifts you wrap with a giant, colorful bow!

What are some creative ways you wrap the gifts you give?

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